Investment Companies in Russia

The top leading investment companies/firms in Russia include the A1 Group, Russian Investment Club, Veles Capital, Brokercreditservice Ltd, among others.

A1 Group is one of the leading investment companies making its investments into the assets situated in Russia and CIS. Within Alfa-Group consortium, A1 Group is the key investment company specializing in direct investment.

Investment Banking Group (IBG) “Russian Investment Club” is Russian Private Banking, Business Club for wealthy private and corporate clients. According to the data of the magazine Dengi Financing company, “Russian Investment Club” was ranked 34th in the rating of 150 largest investment companies of Russia by the results of the 1st half of the year 2006.

Veles Capital is one of the largest and most stable Investment Companies in Russia. The company is an active stock exchange participant. We offer brokerage and depositary services as well as services in the corporate finance field. Veles Capital investment company is rated amongst Top 5 of Russian largest investment companies by total turnover of securities in 1H 2010 - RBC.Rating.

Brokercreditservice Ltd, the leading BCS Group member, has been repeatedly awarded and nominated as one of the best investment companies in Russia. "Brokercreditservice Ltd" is one of the biggest securities trading companies in Russia with the objective to provide seamless service for international and domestic clients through the efficient interaction of research, trading and other services on the Russian equity market.

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