List of Banks in Niger

List of major banks in Niger:
  • Bank of Africa Niger
  • Banque Atlantique Niger
  • Banque Regionale de Solidarite Niger
  • Banque Sahelo-Saharienne pour l'Investissement et le Commerce
  • Ecobank Niger
  • Credit du Niger
  • Banque Internationale pour l'Afrique au Niger
  • Banque Commerciale du Niger
  • Banque Islamique du Niger pour le Commerce et l'Investissement
  • Societe Nigerienne de Banque (Sonibank)
Banque Atlantique Niger has been involved in the main economic sectors of activity of Niger since its constitution in February 2006. The Bank offers a wide array of new and original financial products and services, electronic banking, and bancassurance.

Ecobank Niger (ECN) was incorporated in 1999 and it is one of the largest banks by total assets. ECN contributed about 6.02% to Group profit after tax in 2009. it has had an annual growth of 27.4% in total assets between 2008 and 2009, while total deposits increased by 13% over the same period.

Bank of Africa Niger, opened in April 1994, has established itself over the years as a bank for all sections of the population, a bank that is innovative and modern, working closely and responsibly with the customers. In 2005 BOA-Niger was the only bank to have installed Electronic Payment Terminals accepting VISA cards at stores in Niamey.