Stock Broker in Jamaica

M/VL Stockbrokers Limited is one of the longest established stock brokers in Jamaica and the Caribbean, with a history of being consistently safe and reliable. It is a licensed securities dealer, a full service investment manager and a member of the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

M/VL Stockbrokers Limited offers a wide range of products and services in the fields of financial services, investments, pensions and equities. The firm introduces investors to a wide range of investments funds, in Jamaica, the Caribbean and internationally. Potential investors can access to investment opportunities in the world's major financial markets, including North and South America, Europe and Asia; Diversification across securities, regions, industries and management styles; and expert fund management through a wide range of portfolio management line-up.

As one of the longest established and leading members of the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE), MVL provides the greatest support in the stock market trading. It has a team of accredited Financial Advisors to provide its clients with market research and analysis, identify new and potentially lucrative investment opportunities, design and manage a portfolio that suits their special circumstances, and provide financial counseling.