Banks in Equatorial Guinea

The major banks in Equatorial Guinea include: BGFIBank Equatorial Guinea, CCEI BANK GE, Bank of Central African States.

BGFIBank is the first bank in Equatorial Guinea to have set up automatic teller machines and launched bank cards called 'Etoile card' and 'Salary card'. The Bank targets private individuals such as high-ranked companies' employees and professionals who have attractive income. It provides them with a broad range of high-quality banking products and services.

CCEI BANK GE is Afriland First Bank Group's subsidiary in Equatorial Guinea. It is leading the local banking market through remarkable performances. The Bank achieves outstanding net results and has the best overall outstanding loans. In addition, the Bank has established strong professional ties with many banking correspondents.

Bank of Central African States (BEAC) is the central bank of the six member states of the Monetary Union of Central Africa (UMAC): Equatorial Guinea; Republic of Cameroon; Central African Republic; Republic of Congo; Gabonese Republic; Republic of Chad.

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