Stock Brokers in Europe

Some of the highly respected stockbrokers in Europe include:
- ELANA Trading (awarded by the Bulgarian Stock Exchange for contribution to the development of local brokerage and investment banking).
- Concorde Securities Limited (highly regarded as one of the leading independent players in its sector in Central Europe).
- NCB Stockbrokers Ltd (NCB's research has been voted Number One in Ireland in both domestic and international surveys).
- TD Waterhouse (awarded the Best Execution-Only Service for Equities at the Daily Telegraph Wealth Management Awards).

View below for more information on stock brokerage firms in European countries:

Top Stock Brokers in Ireland
Goodbody Stockbrokers is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and it is a member firm of the Irish Stock Exchange and...

Stock Brokers in Sweden
Nordnet was established in the country in 1996, and has been a leader of the modern brokerage and banking services...

Stock Brokers in Bulgaria
Beta Corp JSC offers clients the possibility to trade with securities listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia as well as on the foreign capital markets...

Stock Brokers in Poland
DM BZ WBK has received "Best Brokerage House in opinion of issuers" in Forbes magazine award competition...

* Stock brokers in:
- Cyprus
- Germany
- Hungary
- Lithuania
- Russia
- Turkey
- UK