Indonesia Commodity and Derivatives Exchange

Indonesia Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (ICDX) is a fully regulated electronic futures exchange established to provide a faster and more efficient competitive alternative for trading futures contracts.

ICDX with its top rated Patsystems has designed a user friendly web-based trading system with full redundancy. Under this regulatory framework, the Exchange focuses on reducing default risk, enhancing control and providing investor protection all of which provide added value to the investor.

Dealers, brokers and their clients can connect to ICDX trading platform through multiple forms of connectivity such as leased lines, dial-up, multi protocol label switching, Internet either using J Trader front end provided by the Exchange or by Independent Software Vendors.

ICDX offers a wide range of commodity derivatives, with three major groups of commodities including: metals, soft agricultural products, and energy.

The Exchange has established a wholly owned subsidiary, Identrust Security International (ISI Clearing House) for undertaking all clearing, settlement and risk management functions. In order to protect market participants from any counter party credit risk, ICDX has also established a Settlement Guarantee Fund (SGF).

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