Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Ltd

The Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Limited (CSE) was incorporated in 1908 and is the second largest bourse in India. At the time of incorporation, the Stock Exchange had 150 members. The annual turnover of the Exchange in 1997-98 was to the tune of Rs, 1,78,779 crores.

The Calcutta Stock Exchange has been granted permanent recognition by the Central Government with effect from April 14, 1980 under the relevant provisions of the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act, 1956, with a view to render useful service to investors.

In 1997 the Exchange implemented a fully computerized On-Line Trading System known as C-STAR (CSE ONLINE Screen-based Trading And Reporting System). CSE uses Integrity Non-stop S74000 systems for its online trading systems (CSTAR). The systems have been designed to deliver the best performance without compromising on key factors like availability, scalability, ROI and TCO. The Exchange has also entered into an agreement to share BSE (BOLT) trading platform to facilitate its members to trade in CSTAR as well as in BSE.

CSE's website is one of the important financial websites in India and is regularly visited by financial organizations and other stakeholders for updates. The Exchange has introduced a SMS based system to communicate its Members about the latest news, notice, reminders and so on. It is also used as a powerful marketing tool.

The Exchange also operates one of the largest private LAN networks in India. The trading and settlement activities of the member-brokers are closely monitored through the On-line Real Time Surveillance System which is known as Advance Warning And Controlling System (AWACS). CSE has also been very successful in maintaining systems and processes uptime of 99.99%.

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