How To Find Stocks With High Dividends

Invest in stocks with high dividends will sustain you when the market is not doing well or in a downtrend. It is a great way to build long-term wealth as you will benefit from the dividend payments plus any appreciation in the overall price of the stocks.

Following are the tips and ways on how to find stocks that pay high dividends:

1) Find a website with searchable stock information such as the Yahoo! Finance Stock Screener or Google Finance's stock screener. It allows you to search for stocks by specifying a set of criteria like dividend yield (%), dividend per share, market cap, etc. To find the best dividend stocks, you can pick the percentage dividend yield of three percent or more, or select the "dividend per share". Research stocks that fit your specific criteria and purchase them.

2) You pick a company you are interested in investing, and take the time to research the company to see if it has a good track record and solid financial performance. If the dividend is too high, make sure that the company has enough money to meet its dividend schedule.

3) Get information from financial websites. Many financial websites or stock research companies will provide you with in-depth financial information and help you compile a list of high paying dividend stocks to invest in.

4) Subscribe to investment magazines and newsletters. Most investment magazines run articles about stocks that pay high dividends, with helpful tips and advice.

5) Pick dividend-paying stocks carefully, invest right away and reinvest the dividends of the stock to help you make more money. You may participate in the dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) which allows you to reinvest all or part of your dividends directly in the underlying equity. In other words, you may use your dividends to buy additional shares in the corporation in lieu of receiving cash payments.