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Capital Securities Corporation has been recognized as "The Best Securities Firm" and "Securities Firm with the Best Research Quality" in Taiwan for years by world famous finance professional magazines-"FinanceAsia", "Euromoney" and "Asiamoney". The firm has earned a great reputation for high quality and timely research in the equity markets and been very popular among government agencies, businesses and the investing public. Following on the heels of its success in Taiwan, Capital Securities also opened subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Shanghai in a bid to become one of the leading competitors in the Asia-Pacific region.

Samsung Securities has been selected as the 'Best Securities Firm' by Euromoney magazine. Samsung Securities is Korea's leading securities firm offering customer-focused, solutions-oriented retail brokerage and wealth management services for individual investors.

Scotia Capital Markets has been named Canada's “best securities firm” by Euromoney magazine, which has pointed out the firm's role in “high-profile and innovative deals”, its “large presence” in mergers and acquisitions and its leadership in income trusts.

Piraeus Securities S.A. has been recognized by Euromoney, which awarded it with the "Award for Excellence" as "Best Securities Firm in Greece" for four consecutive years. The Company offers a wide range of services includes equity trading, derivatives trading and market making, institutional brokerage activities, international equities, asset management, fixed income investments, and equity research and analysis.

Merrill Lynch was voted best securities firm at placing shares with retail investors in Euromoney's first ever Privatization Poll. The magazine also named Merrill Lynch the Best Foreign Bank in Switzerland, Best Foreign Securities Firm in Japan and Best Securities Firm in the U.S.

DSP Merrill Lynch has been ranked for a record third consecutive year as the `Best securities firm in India' in the Euromoney's 'Awards for Excellence - 1999'.

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