Stock Market Courses and Colleges

Want to learn how to make money by trading stocks? Following are the leading colleges offering a range of stock market courses for beginners:

The Sharemarket College Pty Ltd (Australia) - All courses are delivered by trained and experienced professionals who trade the financial markets on a daily basis. Students can attend face to face workshops, it allows for more interaction and clarification of different items in the training program. Alternatively, there is an online option that allows students to watch, listen, learn and ask questions of their trainer through the computer. The Sharemarket College also delivers education packages that developed by expert training team to meet the needs of traders at all levels and desired levels of competency. Courses offered by the college include: Trading Shares, Self Managed Super, Intraday Trading, Options Trading, etc.

Canning College (Australia) - One of Canning College's most successful short courses is called "Computers, Charting and the Stock Market". It teaches students how to recognise changes in trends and read the signals generated by various indicators. Candidates will be taught to recognise changes in market sentiment in time to capitalise on the changes to the market environment.

Australian College QED - It offers the Diploma of Finance (Professional Share Trading and The Stock Market) program. It is packed with practical share trading activities and students can undertake real buy and sell projects (without money).

BLB Institute of Financial Markets (BIFM) (New Delhi, India) - It was established with a single minded purpose of creating the next generation of finance professionals. The institute is recognized for high quality education with accreditations and international certifications in the areas of Finance, Marketing, and Management to create leaders. Students can pursue the Diploma in Equity Arbitrage Trading and Operations, which provides trading knowledge needed to either start own practice or work with top trading house in the country and make money.

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