Stock Brokers in Boston

Following are some of the leading stock brokers with offices in Boston, Massachusetts, USA:

Capitol Securities - It is an investment services group providing services through affiliates Capitol Securities Management, Inc., and Capitol Securities & Associates, Inc. Capitol Securities Management, Inc. provides assistance in the following areas: Investments, Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Investment Advisory, 529 Plans, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, Simple IRA, Treasury Bills, Traditional IRA, Treasury Notes, Variable Annuity.

Moors & Cabot Investments - It is the oldest independent member of the Boston Stock Exchange. The firm has participated in the retail sale of stocks and bonds to individuals and the institutional sale of stocks and bonds to most of the Boston's money management firms. It offers investors additional investment tools such as cash management accounts, mutual funds, retirement planning, annuities and other insurance products.

UBS Financial Services Inc. - The firm provides access to a broad range of investment products that fall under the Traditional (stocks, bonds and mutual funds), Nontraditional (hedge funds, managed futures funds and private equity funds), Insurance and Annuities, and Specialty investment categories (numismatic services).

Fidelity Investments - Fidelity's corporate headquarters are located in Boston, Massachusetts, the largest city in New England. For the second year running, Fidelity gained a top rating of five stars overall and a No. 1 spot in Kiplinger’s rankings of discount brokers (2011). It also received top marks for investment choice, Web site usability, and research and tools.

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