Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange

The Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX) is one of the biggest universal stock exchanges in the Russian Federation and East Europe. In July 2008, MICEX became an associated member of the Futures Industry Association.

Achievements and Awards:

- In June 2000, MICEX was awarded the sponsor’s diploma for active participation in preparing and conducting the 4th St. Petersburg Economic Forum, which was organized by the inter-parliamentary assembly and the Federation Council of the Russian Federal Assembly.

- MICEX received a “Financial Elite of Russia – 2005” award in the “Best Exchange Traditions” category (April 2005).

- In 2006 MICEX was recognized as one of the best financial institutions among correspondents of JP Morgan Chase Bank in terms of the quality of payments made in USD.

- In terms of total trading volume (107 trillion rubles, with an average daily trade volume of 431 billion rubles in 2007), MICEX is the largest exchange in Russia, the CIS countries and Central and Eastern Europe. In terms of on-exchange securities turnover, the MICEX Group is one of the world’s top 20 stock exchanges (ranking 17th).

- In 2010, the MICEX stock market showed the highest rate of growth of trading volumes. The total volume of operations on the Exchange exceeded the previous year’s figure 1.6 times and amounted to 64 trillion rubles. The share of the stock the market in the Exchange’s total volume of trading equaled 36.4%.

- According to the data of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) for January-November 2010, the MICEX SE is placed 19th in the ranking of the world’s largest exchanges.

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