Montreal Exchange (MX)

The Montreal Exchange (MX) is the oldest exchange in Canada, and is a fully electronic exchange dedicated to the development of the Canadian derivative markets. MX products include: Equity options, Options on ETFs, Currency options, Index derivatives, Interest rate derivatives, Energy derivatives.

MX provides individual and institutional investors with a broad range of risk management products for protecting their investments and ensuring growth. The MX clearing house, Canadian Derivatives Clearing Corporation (CDCC),offers central counterparty clearing services to participants.

In 2004, the Exchange took a position in the growing US equity options market through its majority ownership interest in the Boston Options Exchange. In 2008, Montreal Exchange Inc. and TSX Group Inc. merged to form TMX Group.

The Exchange also proposes internship and intervention programs that offer students the opportunity to be involved in the financial derivatives field. The internship targets individuals working in a research center or completing a graduate degree in finance, financial engineering, actuarial, mathematics, economics, or e-learning. The intervention project gives candidates the opportunity to realize a specialized project on a topic defined by the Exchange. It can be integrated in a research or study program, specifically a Masters in finance, financial engineering, mathematics, etc.

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