Stock Brokers in Poland

In Poland, BZ WBK Brokerage (DM BZ WBK) is one of the top leading and largest brokers on the home equities market. In 2007 DM BZ WBK recorded the highest turnover in its history on the equities market.

On 25 June 2009 it has been awarded prizes of "Rzeczpospolita" for the best financial institutions. The company won first place in the category of brokerage houses, improving about the two items in comparison to the previous year.

In February 2008, DM BZ WBK received "Best Brokerage House in opinion of issuers" in Forbes magazine award competition. On 31 January 2008 it was awarded by Warsaw Stock Exchange for: 1st place in terms of turnover in derivatives without Market Maker (Animator) trades, and 1st place in terms of turnover on the NewConnect market without Market Maker (Animator) trades.

DB Securities SA is a leading brokerage house and a member of one of the world's largest financial groups, Deutsche Bank Group. DB Securities SA has been licensed by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, and is a member of the Warsaw Stock Exchange and a remote member of the Budapest Stock Exchange.

Deutsche Bank is a leading global investment bank with a strong and profitable private clients franchise. It undertakes trading and product structuring across a wide range of financial products including bonds, equities and equity-linked products, exchange traded and over-the-counter derivatives, foreign exchange, money market instruments, securitized instruments and commodities.

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