Palestine Exchange (PEX)

Palestine Exchange (PEX) was formerly known as Palestine Securities Exchange (PSE). It was established in 1995 to promote investment in Palestine.

The PEX was fully automated upon establishment. It was the first Arab stock exchange to automate all of its operations, including trading, depositing, securities exchange and other information systems/applied programs. It became a public shareholding company in February 2010 responding to principles of transparency and good governance. The Exchange operates under the supervision of the Palestinian Capital Market Authority.

The PEX works in accordance with modern regulations including: listing regulation, trading regulation, dispute resolution regulation, disclosure regulation, membership regulation and the regulation of professional conduct.

The Exchange provides trading systems, control, settlement, transfer and ownership-transfer of securities in such a way that guarantees accuracy and efficiency in completing buying and selling transactions.

In 2009, the PEX was ranked 33rd amongst the worldwide security markets, and regionally came in 2nd in terms of investor protection.

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