Largest Banks in Latvia

Some of the largest banks in Latvia include Rietumu Bank, Parex Bank, SEB banka, etc.

Rietumu Bank is one of the largest banks in Latvia and has gained a solid reputation of a reliable partner in the international bank community. The bank is one of the leaders in the Information Technology sector. The interactive system BankWorld gives wide options for remote operations with accounts, allows real-time transactions, and provides great reliability and security. Rietumu Bank is well represented in the global market, providing services to customers all over Europe, the Baltic States, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, and other regions.

Parex bank is one of the largest commercial banks in Latvia, with branches in Berlin, Stockholm and Tallinn, and representative offices in Tokyo, Kiev, Moscow, Baku and other cities.

SEB banka (formerly Latvijas Unibanka) is one of the largest banks in Latvia. It has won numerous awards such as: SEB best consumer Internet bank in Latvia and Lithuania (Global Finance 2009); SEB best provider of trade finance services in Sweden, Lithuania and Latvia (Global Finance 2009); etc. SEB banka group offers various investment and financing products through its subsidiaries including SEB Wealth Management, SEB Pension, SEB Leasing, SEB Life, SEB Enskilda.

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