Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE)

The Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) is the principal stock exchange in Jamaica. It was incorporated as a private limited company in August 1968. The Exchange started its operations in February 1969 with one of the roles being to promote the development of a vibrant capital market and to ensure orderly trading in listed securities such as stocks, shares and bonds.

The types of securities traded include: Securities; Ordinary/Common shares; Preference Shares; Corporate Bonds. The listing of securities on the Exchange is in the discretion of the Council of the Exchange which may delegate such powers to a duly appointed committee.

Listed companies are required to conform to provisions of the Companies Act of Jamaica and to provide the Exchange with annual audited financial statements with certain information within specific time periods. They are also required to submit quarterly unaudited financial returns.

The Jamaica Central Securities Depository (JCSD) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Jamaica Stock Exchange. It is the facility for holding securities which enables share transactions to be processed by book entry.