Damascus Securities Exchange (DSE)

Founded in 2009, Damascus Securities Exchange (DSE) is a stock exchange located in Damascus, Syria.

DSE is the secondary market where the financial instruments are traded after being issued for the first time in the primary market. The Exchange has the following divisions: The Main Market; The Growth Market; and the Bonds Market. The Main Market is where the stocks are traded under special conditions of listing the stocks, whereas The Growth Market is where stocks are traded under less strict conditions of listing the stocks, especially for this market.

The Exchange involves in trading equities, corporate, Government and local authority (municipal) bonds. There will also be provision for trading of mutual funds (collective investment schemes) and Islamic products.

Membership of the Exchange will be open to financial intermediaries and banks that have a licence from the Syrian Commission on Financial Markets & Securities. Companies listed on the Exchange are required to maintain their share registers in electronic form.

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