Banks in the Dominican Republic

Some of the top banks in the Dominican Republic include Banco Popular Dominicana, Scotiabank, Citi, Banco del Progreso, among others.

Banco Popular Dominicana is the largest private sector bank in the Dominican Republic. It was founded on 23 August 1963, and opening its doors to the public on 2 January 1964. The bank offers a broad range of financial products including Certificates of Deposit, Loans and Credit Lines, Debit and Credit Cards, Pension Funds, etc.

Scotiabank first opened its doors in the Dominican Republic in 1920, when it inaugurated its first branch at Calle Isabel La Católica. The bank offers a broad range of retail and commercial services, including electronic cash management.

Citi has had a presence in the Dominican Republic since 1962, providing a diverse range of products and services to its customers. Citi is widely recognized by the world's leading financial services publications for its leadership, expertise, innovative solutions and superior client service.

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