Stock Brokers in Zambia

The leading stock brokers (broking firms) in Zambia include Intermarket Securities (Z) Limited, Stockbrokers Zambia Limited, and Pangaea/EMI Securities Limited.

Intermarket Securities Limited is a registered stockbroker and investment advisory firm. It is licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission and is a member of the Lusaka Stock Exchange (LUSE). The main products and services offered include Stockbroking, Collective Investment Schemes/Vehicles and Investment advisory.

Stockbrokers Zambia Limited is a broker-dealer member of the Lusaka Stock Exchange and licensed by the SEC Zambia to buy and sell securities on the LuSE on behalf of investors.

Pangaea Partners is a highly regarded investment banking and consulting organization with broad experience including operating a securities brokerage in Zambia, completing investment banking transactions, and consulting to a wide variety of corporations, financial institutions and multi-laterals. In Zambia, Pangaea established a securities regulatory regime and the country's first stock exchange, under IFC sponsorship. Pangaea/EMI Securities Zambia (a member of the stock exchange) managed the public offering of the Government's shares in Rothmans Zambia.

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