Stock Exchange in Bangladesh

Following are the main stock exchanges in Bangladesh:

Chittagong Stock Exchange
- It was established in 1995 as the second stock exchange in the country, and located in the port city of Chittagong in southeastern Bangladesh.
- The CSE trading system: CHITTRA has four modules including Broker's Workstation (BWS), Market Operations Systems (MOPS), Surveillance and VECTOR.

Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE)
- It is the main stock exchange in Bangladesh, located in Motijheel at the heart of the Dhaka city.
- DSE is registered as a Public Limited Company and its activities are regulated by its Articles of Association rules & regulations and bye-laws along with the Securities and Exchange Ordinance, 1969, Companies Act 1994 & Securities & Exchange Commission Act, 1993.
- The major functions of DSE include: Listing of Companies (As per Listing Regulations); Providing the screen based automated trading of listed Securities; Settlement of trading (As per Settlement of Transaction Regulations); Gifting of share / granting approval to the transaction/transfer of share outside the trading system of the exchange (As per Listing Regulations 42); Market Administration & Control; Market Surveillance; etc.

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