Largest Banks in Thailand

The top largest banks in Thailand are Bangkok Bank, Krung Thai Bank, Kasikornbank and Siam Commercial Bank.

Bangkok Bank is the largest commercial bank in Thailand and one of the largest regional banks in Southeast Asia. It has the largest overseas branch network of any Thai bank. The bank’s extensive self-service network includes ATMs and cash deposit machines, phone banking, and an easy-to-use bilingual internet banking service, allowing customers to do fast, round-the-clock banking.

Bangkok Bank was chosen as the 'Bank of the Year 2010' for the fourth year in a row by Money and Banking magazine. The magazine reviewed the performance of Thai financial institutions from 1 January - 31 December 2009. Bangkok Bank had the highest profit and highest earnings per share, the highest allowance for doubtful debts and the highest book value.

Krung Thai Bank PCL is the second biggest bank in terms of assets in 2009. It was chosen as the Bank of the Year in Thailand 2009. The Bank has developed products and services to enable competition with benchmarked banks as well as further developing provided financial services to public sector.

The KASIKORNBANK Public Company Limited was established on 8 June 1945. As of 30 June 2010, the Bank, with registered capital of Baht 30,486 Million, had total assets of Baht 1,455,703 Million, total deposits of Baht 1,028,527 Million, and total loans of Baht 978,566 Million. The Bank also has overseas offices including the Los Angeles International Branch, Hong Kong Branch, Cayman Islands Branch, Shenzhen Branch and the Representative Offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming and Tokyo, which facilitate international trade and financial service transactions between Thailand and its trade partners worldwide.

Siam Commercial Bank is one of the leading banks in the country. It has won the Business/IT Excellence Award 2010 from IDC, a global provider of IT advisory services.

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