Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE)

The Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) is the principal stock exchange in Ghana. It was incorporated in July 1989 with trading commencing in 1990.

In terms of index performance, GSE was the sixth best index performing emerging stock market in 1993, with a capital appreciation of 116%.

The GSE has set up a wholly-owned subsidiary known as GSE Securities Depository Company Limited. It offers depository services to complement the Exchange's automated trading, clearing and settlement systems.

GSE has two main categories of listing. These are 1st and 2nd. The second list is aimed at small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Types of securities that can be listed include: Shares (preference or equities); Debt in the form of corporate bonds (and notes), municipal bonds (and notes), & government bonds (and notes); and Close-end unit trusts and mutual funds.

Any individual who is 18 years or above can invest on the Ghana Stock Exchange. Institutions can invest their pension and provident funds on the Exchange so long as the regulations governing those funds permit such investments.

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