Stock Exchanges in Australia

Following is the list of stock exchanges in Australia:

Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) - It is the primary stock exchange group in Australia, created by the merger of the Australian Stock Exchange and the Sydney Futures Exchange in July 2006. ASX offers products and services including shares; futures, options, warrants, contracts for difference, exchange traded funds, real estate investment trusts, listed investment companies and interest rate securities.

Asia Pacific Exchange Limited (APX) - It was formerly known as the Australia Pacific Exchange. APX is one of three groups operating a securities exchange in Australia with a market licence granted by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). Some of the main commercial roles of APX include: Creating Capital Raising Opportunities for Corporate; Creating Investment Opportunities for Investors; Facilitate Company Growth; Mobilizing Capital for Investments; Oversees Corporate Governance.

Bendigo Stock Exchange (BSX) - It was founded in the 1860s as the Sandhurst Mining Exchange. BSX has forged alliances with national and international commercial partners and has been built on support from all levels of government.

NSX National Stock Exchange of Australia - It is a stock exchange based in Newcastle, Australia. NSX is set up and managed specifically to cater for the listing of Small to Medium Enterprises. NSX listed companies cover a diverse range, in size, activities and geographic location.