Beirut Stock Exchange (BSE)

The Beirut Stock Exchange (BSE) is the principal stock exchange in Lebanon. It is the second oldest stock market in the region, established in 1920. The Exchange is a public institution run by a committee including a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and members appointed by virtue of a decree issued by the Council of Ministers, in accordance with a proposal by the Minister of Finance.

BSE adopted a new temporary trading system on 12 October 2000, based on a combined continuous-fixing price trading, until the European NSC-UNIX –EURONEXT system is set.

On 7 July 2003 BSE launched the new European trading system designed by the European capital markets software “Atos Euronext” market solutions, branded NSC-Unix-EURONEXT.

On 23 March 2009, the BSE launched a new version of an advanced trading system known as NSC UNIX V3 PLUS based on the PAM system that was developed by NYSE EURONEXT.

There are no restrictions on foreign investment flow into the Beirut Stock Exchange listed securities. Capital gains on the transfer of companies’ shares are tax-free. No restriction on the flow of capital and earnings into and out of the country.