Equity Manager of the Year

Newton Investment Management - It is a London-based, global investment management subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation. Newton was named 'Equity Manager of the Year' at the UK Pensions Awards. It also won the UK Asset Management Equity Manager of the Year award at the Financial News Excellence in Institutional Asset Management Awards 2009.

Standard Life Investments - In May 2007, Standard Life Investments won the 'Active UK Equity Manager of the Year' title at the Pension & Investment Provider Awards (PIPA) 2007. It also won the title of 'Investment Manager of the Year' and 'Specialist Manager of the Year (UK Equities)' at the UK Pensions Awards 2007.

Emirates NBD Asset Management - It has been awarded 'Equity Manager of the Year'. Additionally the firm was named 'Best Fund Management Company' at Arab Achievement Awards 2011.

LGT Capital Partners - It was named “Private Equity Manager of the Year” in the Global Pensions Awards 2010. This marks the fourth year running that LGT Capital Partners has been awarded this industry accolade.

Find the Principal in Simple Interest

P = I / rt
where: P = principal, r = interest rate, I =simple interest, t = time period (in years)

Learn how to find the principal in simple interest with the following examples:

Question 1:
Calculate the principal that will earn $1,575 simple interest in 6 years at 7.5 percent per year.
P = I / rt = 2300 / (0.075 * 6) = 1,575 / 0.45 = $3,500

Question 2:
A businessman borrowed an amount for 12 years at a rate of 3% per annum. The simple interest paid was $21,600. What was the amount borrowed?
P = I / rt = 21,600 / (0.03 * 12) = 21,600 / 0.36 = $60,000
Thus, the amount borrowed (or principal) was $60,000.

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